Mack deploys GaurdDog Connect in more than 25,000 models

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Mack Trucks has now activated its award-winning Mack GuardDog Connect integrated telematics solution in more than 25,000 Mack models.

The 25,000th truck, a Mack Pinnacle model, recently was delivered to Cresson, Texas-based 3 Star Daylighting.

Mack launched the proactive diagnostic and repair planning solution in 2014.

Mack GuardDog Connect monitors critical fault codes that could potentially shut down a truck or lead to an unplanned visit to the dealer, reducing diagnostic and repair times by up to 70 percent and 21 percent respectively.

Standard in Mack Granite, Pinnacle, Titan by Mack and TerraPro concrete pumper models, GuardDog Connect is a key component of Mack’s customer uptime support, which is managed through Mack’s Uptime Center located near the OEM’s Greensboro, North Carolina, headquarters.

The facility houses personnel from every customer support function, including Mack OneCall live support, connecting them to customers and dealers through Mack ASIST, a Web-based service management system that connects fleet managers and service providers in real time to enable faster repairs.

“I have used the GuardDog system twice so far, and it is very informative and keeps you up to date when issues arise,” said Aaron Hall, fleet manager for 3 Star Daylighting, which hauls waste water from oilfields in the Barnett Shale. “The trucks we used in the past completely relied on drivers and the information they gave me. I love how the OneCall customer service reps are friendly and willing to help with any issue, recommending a dealership in the immediate area for servicing the truck.”

Since December, 3 Star Daylighting and its sister company Red Stag have bought 30 Mack models from Bruckner Truck Sales in Fort Worth, Texas. For all of the Mack models, the company purchased an additional three years beyond the standard two years of included GuardDog Connect coverage.

“Mack GuardDog Connect’s success has proven that keeping customers’ trucks on the road through proactive management is far more valuable than responding to unplanned events after the fact,” said Stephen Roy, president of Mack Trucks North America. “GuardDog Connect gives us instant insights into what is happening with our customers’ trucks so that Mack’s 24/7 live support can provide comprehensive, market-leading Uptime Solutions.”

Earlier this year, Mack expanded GuardDog Connect coverage to include the monitoring of fault codes for Mack mDRIVE and mDRIVE HD automated manual transmissions. And GuardDog Connect offers customers value beyond diagnosing and managing cases. Through Mack Fleet Management Services, Mack also allows customers to use the integrated GuardDog Connect telematics hardware with cloud-based intelligence software, currently provided through Telogis, to improve their operations, reduce costs and increase safety.

Complementing GuardDog Connect, Mack recently expanded its partnered services offering to improve diagnostics results by integrating Mack ASIST with Truck Diagnostics System (TDS), a JPRO-based software solution from Mack’s partner Noregon. Once TDS or JPRO software identifies a vehicle fault, a service case is automatically opened in ASIST, providing the customer a quicker diagnosis.

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